Full Service Pet Care in Little Rock

Canine Play Center/Kennel Free Doggie Daycare 7 Days a Week, Puppy Program, Overnight Boarding with Onsite Staff/Bathing, Nail Trimming, Dog Training, Taxi Services


For your convenience, we are available 7 days a week, with drop off and pick-up hours from 6AM-6PM.

3 Separate Playgroups with 3 Inside/Outside Play Yards

At Wags and Whiskers, our business model is unique for Arkansas, as it is a cage-free canine play center/daycare. We are set up to emulate a home-like setting that allows our guests to have supervised access the outside and inside play areas at any time during the day. They also have full access to potty areas and beds for napping at all times. We are transforming the traditional doggie daycare by offering an environment where the dogs are allowed the freedoms of home.

“We cater to the dog lovers who prefer not to kennel their dogs at any time during the day. Our happiest owners are those who would rather allow their dogs freedom to play, potty, and nap at their leisure. ”

Personal Touch

We are proud that we have built our clientele by word-of-mouth client referrals. Staying connected to our clients is important to us. We post pictures and videos on our private Facebook page “Parents of Pups at Wags and Whiskers” so our parents can see how much fun their dogs are having that day. It is fun for our clients to pop in on Facebook while at work or on vacation to see their pup playing with friends. We also offer taxi services for our frequent clients if work hours prohibit drop-off or pick-up during regular hours. If there is ever a need for veterinarian care while in our care, we will take your dog to the vet or emergency clinic. We also have on-site staff to stay with the dogs during the night for peace of mind.

Happy Dogs

Happy dogs are very important to us. We actually turn away clients who prefer their dogs be kenneled during the day or who would need their dog to be kenneled for specific reason, because this is not what we are about. The concept is for freedom, fun, and safety and our focus is quality rather than quantity. We have spacious kennels for our overnight guests with raised Kuranda beds for their comfort. We offer private walks, cuddle time, basic training, bedtime peanut butter Kong’s and many more luxury add-on’s if you feel the need to pamper your pups even more while staying with us.

Always Available Doggie Daycare and Boarding

For your convenience, Wags and Whiskers doggie daycare, boarding, and bathing services are available 7 days a week with pick up and drop off hours between 6AM – 6PM. We are a completely kennel-free doggie daycare and social facility.

Competent, Convenient Pet Care Services in Little Rock, AR

Dog Boarding

Overnight Boarding. It's A Dog's Vacation Too!

Canine Play Center/Doggie Daycare

Canine Play Center and Doggie Daycare. This is not your traditional daycare.

Dog Baths

Same Day, On-Site Bathing

Basic Training

Boarding and Daycare Basic Training

Dog Daycare Packages

BRONZE Doggie Day Care 10 Day Pass

10 days for $19.50/day. Save $3.50 per visit. No expiration


SILVER Doggie Day Care 20 Day Pass

20 days for $18.50/day. Save $4.50 per visit. No expiration


GOLD Doggie Day Care 30 Day Pass

30 days for $17.50/day. Save $5.50 per visit. No expiration


VIP Unlimited Monthly

VIP (Very Important Pooch) for the extremely social pooch! One month unlimited daycare ($15 per visit). Expires 30 days after purchase.


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